Message from the Minister of Advanced Education and Technology

Alberta Rural Development Network Annual Report

With its wide-open landscapes, vibrant communities, and thriving businesses, rural Alberta is a key driver of our province’s economic growth and prosperity. 

To stay competitive on the global stage, it is important that we continue to seek innovations in our agricultural, forest and energy sectors.  The first step is developing a well-educated and skilled workforce.

The Alberta Rural Development Network (ARDN) has played a key role in helping communities across rural Alberta to flourish and thrive by strengthening links between Campus Alberta institutions, industry and community-based organizations.

With the ARDN’s ongoing leadership and support for rural development, our province is developing the entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders we need to tackle future challenges and lead us to greater prosperity.  I thank the ARDN for your role in helping to build a strong foundation for Alberta’s future.

Greg Weadick