Alberta Innovates


Alberta Innovates is the name of Alberta’s realigned research and innovation system designed to strengthen the province’s role as a world leader in using science to seek solutions. 


The new system features one advisory board, the Alberta Research and Innovation Authority and four corporations under the Alberta Innovates umbrella.


Alberta Innovates – Bio Solutions builds on the strengths and hard work of the Alberta Prion Research Institute and the former Alberta Agricultural Research Institute, Alberta Forestry Research Institute, Alberta Life Sciences Institute.  This is enabling Alberta’s specialized and growing talent base to work with our province’s vast, renewable fibre resources to develop our emerging bio-industries technology sector. 


Alberta Innovates – Energy and Environment Solutions builds on the strengths and hard work of the former

Alberta Energy Research Institute (AERI) and now includes the Alberta Water Research Institute. Beginning as a research organization focused on developing the oil sands in the face of declining conventional oil production,

AOSTRA evolved into AERI, which focused on developing clean energy. The newest evolution of this corporation is enabling Alberta to focus on strategies to ensure sustainable energy development, address climate change and

protect our precious water resources. 


Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions builds on the strengths and hard work of the former Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research. Funded by the Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research Endowment Fund, the new corporation is continuing to fund vital medical research that makes a difference in people’s lives around the world.


Alberta Innovates – Technology Futures builds on the strengths and hard work of the former Alberta Ingenuity Fund, Alberta Research Council, iCORE, and programs from Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education, including nanoAlberta and Alberta’s Bringing Technology to Market action plan.  


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