Improved access for students, capital, and supports for apprentices key to Budget 2014

Budget 2014 places a high priority on advanced education, entrepreneurship and innovation to drive our economy forward and build a better Alberta. Innovation and Advanced Education is supporting students and post-secondary institutions by investing in new capital projects, supporting apprentices with new scholarships and bursaries, and creating 2,000 new full-time post-secondary spaces.  See budget highlights.

The Ministry of Innovation and Advanced Education is part of Premier Redford's Building Alberta Plan. It is responsible for the following:


  • Letters of Expectation for publicly funded post-secondary institutions on roles and expectations for a more unified post-secondary system.
  • Works closely with Campus Alberta partners and stakeholders to ensure students have the tools they need to succeed.
  • Funds public post-secondary institutions in Alberta, approves programs of study, and licenses and certifies private post-secondary institutions.
  • Supports accessible, affordable and quality advanced learning opportunities for all Albertans, including providing student aid and scholarships and bursaries to eligible students.
  • Develops ways for students to easily transition within the advanced education system.

Apprenticeship and Trades 

Adult Learning

Student Funding 

Provides financial resources to Albertans to support their post-secondary education, including:

Economic Development

Research and Innovation