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Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education

Education and entrepreneurship are cornerstones of the dynamic economy that Albertans continue to build through their knowledge, adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit. Toward that end, Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education aligns economic development activities in the province with post-secondary education, entrepreneurship, industry training, research and innovation. Alberta is a leader in Canada with the implementation of this unique, inclusive structure, which builds on existing links between government functions that contribute to a stronger, more robust economy.

Building a skilled workforce through accessible post-secondary education and innovation helps advance our knowledge-inspired economy – an economy that is prosperous, diverse, competitive and stable. Alberta Innovation and Advanced Education is cultivating the knowledge-inspired economy in the province by aligning initiatives that strengthen the province’s skilled workforce, increase business start-ups, support the commercialization of technology, and focus on solving the world’s biggest challenges through a world-class research and innovation system. As a result, the ministry advances Albertans’ goal to engage with the world around them and, through investment and innovation at home, play a leading role in making our world a better place.

Improved access for students, capital, and supports for apprentices key to Budget 2014

Budget 2014 places a high priority on advanced education, entrepreneurship and innovation to drive our economy forward and build a better Alberta. Innovation and Advanced Education is supporting students and post-secondary institutions by investing in new capital projects, supporting apprentices with new scholarships and bursaries, and creating 2,000 new full-time post-secondary spaces.  See budget highlights.

The Ministry of Innovation and Advanced Education is part of Premier Redford's Building Alberta Plan. It is responsible for the following:


  • Letters of Expectation for publicly funded post-secondary institutions on roles and expectations for a more unified post-secondary system.
  • Works closely with Campus Alberta partners and stakeholders to ensure students have the tools they need to succeed.
  • Funds public post-secondary institutions in Alberta, approves programs of study, and licenses and certifies private post-secondary institutions.
  • Supports accessible, affordable and quality advanced learning opportunities for all Albertans, including providing student aid and scholarships and bursaries to eligible students.
  • Develops ways for students to easily transition within the advanced education system.

Apprenticeship and Trades 

Adult Learning

Student Funding 

Provides financial resources to Albertans to support their post-secondary education, including:

Economic Development

Research and Innovation

The Minister of Innovation and Advanced Education is Honourable Dave Hancock

The Deputy Minister is Steve MacDonald.