Campus Alberta Planning Resource

 CAPR2013The Campus Alberta Planning Resource (CAPR) is a key component of the Roles and Mandates Policy Framework for Alberta's Publicly Funded Advanced Education System.

The CAPR is a profile of Campus Alberta, providing a context and broad direction to support planning within the province's post secondary system.

The CAPR outlines key strategic directions for access, as well as demographic and economic drivers that impact post secondary access and participation.


Common Questions

What is the Campus Alberta Planning Resource (CAPR)?
What is the purpose of the Campus Alberta Planning Resource?
What's new in the Campus Alberta Planning Resource 2013?
What do Alberta's demographic trends look like?
How does Alberta's level of educational attainment compare to the rest of Canada?
What are Alberta's post-secondary enrolment trends?
How many international students attend post-secondary education in Alberta?
How is the system handling increasing demand for post-secondary education?
Who can I contact for more information on the Campus Alberta Planning Resource?